About Gerald "G. David" Nordley

Gerald was born in Minneapolis MN in 1947 and was raised in suburban Golden Valley, MN attending Golden Valley High School. He originally intended to be an astronomer and majored in physics at Macalester College, in St. Paul, MN with that in mind. But after getting a preinduction notice for the Vietnam War era draft, he joined the US Air Force as an airman basic after graduation in 1969. He gained a reserve commission as a second lieutenant in 1970, and surprised himself by staying for a career.

In the Air Force,* he spent some time in radar intercept control and battle management, including tours in Alaska and Korea, but worked mainly as an astronautical engineer, managing satellite operations, engineering, and advanced propulsion research. In the midst of this, he obtained an MS in Systems Management from USC in 1981

While working in advanced space propulsion, he met and became inspired to write by physicist and author Dr. Robert L. Forward. He retired as a major at the end of 1989 and began submitting stories in 1990, using the "G. David" form of his name for fiction (though lately it has migrated to articles in science fiction related publications as well) and Gerald D. for technical papers, the intent being to separate the work in computer author searches.

As a writer, his main interest is the future of human exploration and settlement of space, and his stories typically focus on the dramatic aspects of individual lives within the broad sweep of a plausible human future. Trying to keep up with just what is plausible is a challenge, but he recycles his research for occasional nonfiction articles. He continues to write a few pieces of short fiction each year, but is currently concentrating on novels, with three complete books looking for publishers and two more in serious production efforts.

After the Vikings, A collection of linked Mars-related stories was published as an electronic book by Scorpius Digitalin September 2001, with a print version appearing in 2003 (sold out). A new edition of this work is due from Variations on a Theme Publishing in 2013. The Black Hole Project written with C. Sanford Lowe, appeared in Analog. from June 2006 to September 2007 as a series of novellas and is in final preparation with Variations. The novel, To Climb a Flat Mountain first appearing as a serial in Analog in 2009 and was published (ebook and print-on-demand) by Variations in 2012.

"G. David Nordley" is a four-time winner of the AnLab, the Analog reader's award for best story or article of the year, and has also been a Hugo and Nebula award nominee.

Besides writing, he has done some consulting work in astronautical engineering on tethers, advanced propulsion, and worldbuilding for other science fiction authors. He also dabbles in real estate and other investment activity.

"Off duty," Gerald is the Treasurer of CONTACT, Cultures of the Imagination, an interdisciplinary educational group concerned with issues related to the development of intelligent life--from raw planets to expansion into space. He serves on the board of The Experimental Rocket Propulsion Society. He is a fellow of the British Interplanetary Society; senior member of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, a signatory of the Invitation to ETI, and a life member of the Science Fiction Writers of America, the Air Force Association, and the USC Alumni Association. He lives in Sunnyvale CA with his wife of 38 years (2013) , Gayle Wiesner, a retired Apple Computer programmer, and sings with her in the choir of the Unitarian Universalist Church in Livermore. Son Andrew is currently in the Army at Ft. Belvoir, VA and Daughter Sharon is doing translation work with Wycliffe. Stepson Jeffrey Goldberg is severely autistic and lives in a group home in Anaheim, CA.

*Air Force Assignments, PCSs and significant TDYs

"Where have you been?" is often what people ask when they find out you've been in the service. Please note that some of these places have changed names or gone out of existence in the intervening years.

AF Reserve, Minneapolis 1969
Lackland AFB, San Antonio TX (Officer Training School) 69-70
Tyndall AFB, FL (Weapon's Controller School) 70
Calumet AFS, MI (UP) (NORAD radar site and backup intercept control) 70-71
Tyndall AFB, FL (Manual refresher school) 71
Campion AFS, AK (Radar site and intercept control) 71
Tin City AFS, AK (Operations Officer, Radar site and intercept control) 72
Keesler AFB, MS (spacecraft operations school) 72
Sunnyvale AFS, CA (spacecraft interrange operations) 72
Hanscomb AFB, MA (post launch tracking support) 74
Los Angeles AFS, CA (orbital operations, spacecraft engineering) 76-82
Hurlburt Field, FL (Air-Ground Operations School) 82
Mang-Il-San, S. Korea (ROKAF radar and US backup battle control site ) 83
Edwards AFB, CA (advanced spacecraft propulsion) 84-89


--- Andrew Nordley (with assistance from his dad).