Welcome to Gerald David Nordley's Home Page


Gerald(R) and his wife, Gayle Wiesner

  • Conventions and Other
           Appearances Planned

        BayCon (27-30 May 2016 San Mateo CA)
         Visit the BayCon Silicon Valley Authors Table
        San Mateo County Fair Author's Day
          (18 June 2016 1-6 pm)
        LepreCon (24-26 June, Phoenix AZ)
        WesterCon (1-4 July, Portland OR)
        MidAmeriCon II (74th World SF Con.)
           (Kansas City 17-21 August 2016)
        RadCon (Pasco WA 17-19 Feb 2017)
        MarsCon (Boomington MN 3-5 Mar 2017)

  • Travel History
           Melbourne to Virginia: 2010 Coming Soon
           Yokohama to Marlow: 2007 mainly by the
              Trans-Siberian Railroad

           E. Coast, S.America & Antarctic Trip 2006