Welcome to Gerald David Nordley's Home Page

Gerald(R) and his wife, Gayle Wiesner

       Melbourne to Virginia: 2010 Coming Soon
       Yokohama to Marlow: 2007 mainly by the
          Trans-Siberian Railroad

       E. Coast, S.America & Antarctic Trip 2006


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    A note on social networking site invitations, endorsements, reccomendations, etc.:
        I appreciate the thought behind the invitation, endorsement, reccomendation or such, but I have have been keeping the entire social networking scene at arm's length due to time considerations. I am on LinkedIn, but only to the extent of providing a link to this site. I spend far too much time on the computer on other-than-writing things as it is and am starting to get very ruthless with myself about time sinks. But rest assured that I'm still your friend. ;-)